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If you have a business, one of your concerns is thinking of marketing strategies. Marketing the products that you sell is easy when you avail the commercial TV services of the professionals. When you are in Detroit, MI, your best choice is Marketech Services LLC. We can help you plug your business.

[Cn] is the leading avant-garde TV commercial company in Detroit, MI. We provide quality video production. We are the preferred company of our customers when it comes to advertising. We also cover sports events. Try our services now!

Professional Infomercials

Commercial Video ProductionWhen you want to advertise that your products and services are better than others, our infomercial service can do the job. You only need to tell us about your products and services as well as the necessary information that you want to present to the public. Our videography team will then take care of your infomercial video production.

We can give you a wonderful selection of infomercials for screening. We utilize cutting-edge equipment in our video production. Our creative professionals are also skilled in operating with our equipment. Aside from that, they can also work well with our latest software for video rendering. You will be pleased with our video services.

Sports Event Video Production

And when you host a sports event, you can also contact us to cover the whole of it. For this service, we use a number of top-of-the-line cameras. Our professionals are also experts in operating them for video coverage.

You can count on our multi-camera video service for your sports event production. Our multi camera shoots can give you a 360-degree coverage. You can expect a creative and high-quality video that covers the whole scene of your sports event.

We have a lot more services to give you. So when you are planning to have a commercial TV production service, hire us! We guarantee great results from our services.

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